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BUNS N ROSES - Food Hygiene Rating

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Food Hygiene Information Scheme: Improvement Required

BUNS N ROSESSTT/3/129 Craigshaw Drive, West Tullos, AberdeenAberdeen CityScotlandAB12 3XB

Business type

Mobile caterer

Date of inspection

Friday 2nd November 2018

We last updated

Monday 11th December 2023

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We could not display BUNS N ROSES on the map as the establishment is privately registered.

If you wish to see the food safety officer’s report on which this rating is based, you can request this from the local authority that carried out the inspection found on your business listing on the Food Standards Agency website. The local authority will consider your request and will usually send you a copy of the report. In some cases, the local authority may decide that they cannot do so but will let you know this and explain why.

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