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Terms & Conditions

Terms & Conditions

The Food Hygiene Rating website is maintained by Devign Studios Ltd for personal use. By using this site, you agree to the terms and conditions laid out henceforth, this includes and not limited to the terms stated in our privacy policy, cookie policy and copyright statement.

Linking to the Food Hygiene Rating website

We encourage websites to hyperlink through to this website. This does not require our conscent. However, any use of our logo to hyperlink will need consent before publishing.

The Food Hygiene Rating website should not be used in any iFrame of embedded in any way. If you require to use information found on our site, a direct hyperlink is required

Information and copyright usage

The establishment information sourced on this site is directly obtained from the opensource Food Standards Agency(FSA) API. We, in turn have no ownership of the information provided by the FSA.

Other page content on this site is subject to copyright and should not be copied or replicated elsewhere online.


We go to extreme lengths to keep the content for businesses as up to date as possible. However, there may be slight discrepencies dependant on how recent establishments scores get updated via the Food Standards Agencies API.

Therefore, The Food Hygiene Rating website is not responsible and cannot gaurentee the accuracy the information provided by the FSA API.

If you beleive the scores listed on this website for your establishment are invalid, incorrect or not entirley up to date. Please email with specific details of the discrepancy.