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Food Hygiene Rating FAQ's

The meaning behind Food Hygiene Ratings is to identify how food businesses are handing food safety and how they comply with the food safety regulations. This is determined by an inspection by the businesses local authority.
Food hygiene is important for many factors. It prevents the risk of poor conditions during food preparation, cooking and handling therefore minimising the risk of any health complications to consumers. Having a great understanding should be a number one priority to any food business.
The best food hygiene rating is a 5. This is determined by the food safety measures put in place in a business. These ratings are based on a scoring system of 0-50, with a score of 0 during inspection is the best score achievable, meaning no improvements are required.
A score of 0 means that urgent improvement is required. This means that the business scored more than 50 points. Each point is represented by a single or group of issues found meaning the higher the score, the more issues were seen. If a business scores 0, it means they have several significant breaches of food hygiene and are putting peoples health at immediate risk.
A rating of 1 means that there are major improvements required. If a score of 1 is seen, this means they have received a score between 45-50 points. This could mean that they are breaching multiple food hygiene standards and have a lack of food hygiene understanding and training amongst staff.
A score of 2 means that there are improvements required. This rating means the business scored between 35-40. The reason may be that they gave causes to concern to the inspector in their handling practices and facilities and would require an immediate change.
A hygiene score of 3 means the business was found to be generally satisfactory. Businesses receiving a rating of 3 scored between 25-30 points and their hygiene practices are overall acceptable whilst maintaining a standard. This score, however, means that there are still areas of improvement but the issues don't pose likely to be an immediate threat to health.
A hygiene rating of 4 means that the inspectors assessed the business as "good". This rating means the business scored a total of 20 points. This means the business hygiene practices are good and practices of safety systems are in place, with only a few small areas for improvement.
A food hygiene rating of 5 means the business was seen as "very good". Ratings of 5 are given to businesses with a score between 0-15. This means the business showed excellent standards of safety on their premises. All businesses should aim to achieve this score.
Before you start a business, or before you take over an existing business, it is a requirement to register your food business with the local authority. Your business should do this no less than 28 days before you open. To find more information, search for your local authorities food inspection registration.
Yes. In England, your business is required to undertake a food hygiene inspection. During this time multiple inspections will determine the overall quality of the food safety standards of the business.
Although it’s not a requirement by law, displaying your food hygiene rating on your doors or windows is a great form of advertisement. If a business does not show their rating, you can simply ask someone that’s working for their most recent inspection score.
The Food Hygiene Regulations (2006) created a requirement for all food businesses to ensure that their standards meet the expectations of local authorities in regards to sales, distribution and handling of food. These regulations therefore mean it would be an offence to supply food which is unsafe if consumed and a risk to health.
There are several companies available to aid you through the process of training yourself and your staff for correct food hygiene standards. Ensure whilst searching for these businesses that you choose the ones with the best success rate.
You can apply for a food hygiene inspection from your local authority. This should be done 28 days prior to your business opening its doors. Once the inspection has taken place, you will be provided with a rating from 0 - 5.
The Food Hygiene Rating Scheme (FHRS) operates in England, Wales and Northern Ireland and was launched in November 2010. Under the Food Hygiene Rating Scheme (FHRS), a business is given a rating on a numerical scale from '5' to '0'. With '5' highlighting a very good hygiene standard, whilst '0' indicates urgent improvement is required.
The Food Hygiene Information Scheme (FHIS) operates in Scotland and was piloted in November 2006, with a full roll out in January 2009. Under the Food Hygiene Information Scheme (FHIS), a business is given either a 'Pass' or an 'Improvement required' result.