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L&M Kilminster 1 Rosemount Terrace, Rosemount Food Hygiene Rating

1 Rosemount Terrace, Rosemount

About L&M Kilminster

Last updated: Saturday 20th July 2024

L&M Kilminster is a Retailers - other based in Aberdeen City, Scotland.

The last food hygiene rating score was given to L&M Kilminster on Tuesday 10th September 2019 by the Aberdeen City Local Authority.

At this time, the hygiene rating given was “Improvement Required”. This rating was made up of a Hygiene Food Handling standard of “Very good”, a Cleanliness & Condition of Facilities and Building standard of “Very good” and a Management of Food Safety standard of “Very good”.

Hygiene Inspection

Food Hygiene Information Scheme: Improvement Required

Food Hygiene Information Scheme: Improvement Required

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