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Mila’s Bakery 107 Ridgeway, Plymouth Food Hygiene Rating

107 Ridgeway, Plymouth

About Mila’s Bakery

Last updated: Saturday 20th July 2024

Mila’s Bakery is a Restaurant/Cafe/Canteen based in Plymouth City, South West.

The last food hygiene rating score was given to Mila’s Bakery on Wednesday 8th May 2024 by the Plymouth City Local Authority.

At this time, the hygiene rating given was “5”. This rating was made up of a Hygiene Food Handling standard of “Good”, a Cleanliness & Condition of Facilities and Building standard of “Good” and a Management of Food Safety standard of “Good”.

Hygiene Inspection

Food Hygiene Rating Scheme Score 5 (Five)

Food Hygiene Rating of 5 (Five)

A food hygiene rating of 5 means the business was seen as "very good". Ratings of 5 are given to businesses with a score between 0-15. This means the business showed excellent standards of safety on their premises. All businesses should aim to achieve this score.

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